Green Vision

Ecocare Supply is built on a foundation to save client’s money and improve their quality of life while supporting our ecosystems by incorporating ultra modern, waste reducing technologies and environmentally conscious products. Through our innovative, volume-based initiative we discredit the myth that environmentally products are always more expensive. We use our buying power to save client’s money while incorporating green systems and products into their supply needs. This holds true for all of our clients regardless of size and purchase volumes. Ecocare takes pride in providing industry-leading education to clients and consumers, empowering them with valuable tools for proactive decision-making. Through our innovative consultations our clients learn how to promote economic prosperity while reducing environmental impacts to stimulate a healthy planet. Beyond these benefits, our state of the art systems greatly enhance the look and feel of client’s facilities.


Through extensive discovery and development, Ecocare Supply has established extremely valuable relationships with manufacturers and suppliers from all over the world that engage in cost-effective, Earth friendly product manufacturing and packaging to save client’s money by drastically reducing waste.

Green IQ

Ecocare Supply is proud to work with industry leading manufacturers that have developed and implemented sustainability policies with the commitments to significantly reduce their negative impacts on the environment.

Paper Manufacturer

  1. Reduce fossil fuel emissions and electricity by 2020.
  2. Triple biofuel production from forests by 2020.
  3. Increase wind power by 5 billion kilowatt hours.
  4. Reduce water usage by 10% in water-stressed regions by 2015.
  5. Equip all mills with mechanical and biological treatment plants by 2015.

Soap/Sanitizer Manufacturer

  1. Reduce water usage by 30% by 2020.
  2. Reduce sold waste generation by 25% by 2020.
  3. Reduce greenhouse gases by 5% by 2020.
  4. Social sustainability goal to bring well-being to 1 billion people every day.

Green Links