Ecocare Supply is an Iowa research and development and wholesale distribution firm focused on sustainable products and systems. Ecocare offers thousands of traditional and sustainable products from hundreds of manufacturers. Founded by Kaveh Mostafavi, Ecocare is not your average janitorial, sanitary, food service, and office (and beyond) supply company. From durable, compostable food ware to more effective and safer cleaners, Ecocare is a single source for traditional and sustainable janitorial, sanitary, food service, and office products. While most suppliers maintain the “me too” mentality of offering the same wasteful products and systems, Ecocare Supply specializes in proven products and systems that save money, time, and waste.

Ecocare Supply was founded in November of 2014 and has since become one of the nation’s fastest growing supply companies. Ecocare’s growth is directly attributed to it’s innovative product lines, aggressive pricing, and 24/7 client-focused service. Ecocare’s clients include government, commercial facilities, private sector employers, restaurants/pub/club, hospitality, recreation/gaming, banking, school and daycares, and much more.

Ecocare Supply offers a free product assessment and price analysis to identify your product needs. Our proposals include like-kind traditional products, as well as modern innovations that are proven to save money and time.

Kaveh Mostafavi, Esq.


Kaveh Mostafavi earned a B.S. in Psychology from The University of Iowa, and J.D. from Drake Law School. Before founding Ecocare, Mr. Mostafavi practiced law in Arizona. During his time as a lawyer Kaveh opened 2 restaurants. Kaveh's vision for a sustainable supply company that saves business owners money by cutting consumption was forged by the combined skills he gained as a lawyer and restaurateur.

Matt Weldon


Matt Weldon is an Iowa native and spent his career in the restaurant industry. As a restaurant owner and general manager Matt gained the skills and expertise necessary for supply chain management. Matt's wealth of industry knowledge has established Ecocare Supply as a leader in improving product management efficiency and client satisfaction.

Client Confidence

At Ecocare Supply client confidence is our main priority. Forget the days of wasting valuable time researcing the right products. With Ecocare Supply's stamp of approval clients know they are getting the quality, reliable products at the lowest prices. Our clients also know we are a call, email, or text away 24/7/365, and never charge for delivery.

Free Price Analyses

We offer free price-analyses to help potential clients identify per-case cost savings, and better products that save money and time by reducing waste and labor. We utilize our manufacturer relationships and buying power to drive prices down, while consolidating products to increase efficiency. Call us today at (319) 800-9162 to schedule a free appointment.

Team EcoCare

Team Ecocare is a community of proactive participants who have a passion to create and manage sustainable janitorial, sanitary, restaurant, and office systems and products that save money and promote our planet's health. Team Ecocare utilizes a network of individuals and organizations to research and incorporate sustainable products into its supply chain. Sign up today for more information!